Thursday, January 29, 2009


One of the best ways of learning coding is by joining a training program. Probably one of the best one's is They offer videos for learning all types of programming languages. Check them out.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2nd Post

This is all new to me so I'll start with what I have learned so far.  I have done a few static pages using Dreamweaver.  No problem.  I decided, lets do a dynamic page.  Problem.  The amount of coding needed to do a dynamic page is extensive.  Lets start with what you need.

1.  A good html editor.  I use Dreamweaver.  There are others, sometimes I use Notepad++, a good freeware program.
2.  A server side language, in my case I installed PHP.
3.  A database, in my case MySQL.
4.  A plan....harder to define but necessary. 

I'm actually pretty far into this project so I'll have to catch up with these posts.  See you soon.

Starting Out

Hello fellow coders,

Recently I entered the fascinating world of web programming.  I'm pretty much overwhelmed at this point.  My goal is to develop a mapping application from google maps that others can participate in.  I know there are probably already web sites like that but this is a good way for me to learn all the internet technologies.  Basically this blog will cover the trials and tribulations of said undertaking.  Lesson 1: Javascript is client side, PHP is server side.  Exciting stuff!